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According to BBC News, Kurds are the fourth-largest ethnic group in the Middle East. The Kurds play

Suicide bombing at Kurdish wedding takes lives

August 25, 2016

On Saturday night, Aug. 20, a young suicide bomber killed 54 people in Gaziantep, Turkey. Twenty-two of the 54 were children. The Gaziantep citizens were celebrating a Kurdish...

After the latest attacks, France has bolstered its security.

French police identify terrorist suspects from apartment raid

November 19, 2015

On Nov. 19, French police officially identified terrorists from an apartment police raid on the prior day. The eight men taken into custody were identified by police, their names are...

Belgian police officers stand watching for threats of terrorist attacks.

Belgian police stop terrorist plot

January 20, 2015

Belgian police halted a terrorist plot Thursday, Jan. 15 that aimed to kill police officers across the country. The United States has been collaborating with Belgium to prevent...

Define Terrorist.

April 23, 2013

Define terrorist. People say that it was the terrorists' faults. They've painted a picture in their heads giving light to what the word represents. This image can consist of a...

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