Define Terrorist.

Ayesha Abbasi, Social Media Editor/Columnist

Define terrorist. People say that it was the terrorists’ faults. They’ve painted a picture in their heads giving light to what the word represents. This image can consist of a race, a skin color, a religion, and many times even a language. An innocent, injured, and scared man, a 22 year old student, majoring in English, was tackled by bystanders, taken into custody, and defamed in the international media just for his skin color and ethnicity and his audacity to run from a bombing. This is the kind of image people started to blame right after the incidents occurred. The man turned out to be Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, a young Saudi Muslim man, studying at an English language school in greater Boston. Even though it was confirmed that these horrendous attacks on the people of Boston were committed by persons of Muslim decent there shouldn’t have been a stirred up resentment and blame for all the millions of law abiding Muslims living in America. Preconceived ideas of the people who have committed acts of terror only create more problems for those who end up being stereotyped. This definition of terrorist can change from place to place whether it be in America or in Iraq, but in the end there should not be an assumed attacker before definite facts are put out. It’s a certain fact that Islamaphobic media will respond, but there are hopes that the government and public will be able to react in a more mannered fashion. download