French police identify terrorist suspects from apartment raid


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After the latest attacks, France has bolstered its security.

Justin Som, Staff Writer

On Nov. 19, French police officially identified terrorists from an apartment police raid on the prior day. The eight men taken into custody were identified by police, their names are yet to be released to the public. One woman committed suicide by blowing herself up, and was later identified as Hasna Aitboulahcen, the cousin of the planner of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

According to The Guardian, it was later found that Aitboulahcen had posted a seemingly ISIS related message on Facebook in Arabic before her death.

“I’ll soon be going to Syria, God willing, soon leaving for Turkey,” said Aitboulahcen in her post.

It has been announced to the press that the investigation was carried by three special commando teams. Authorities have reported that several police officers were injured and a police dog died.

In addition to the investigations currently being run in France, there have been several security changes until the threat has been eliminated. The French state of emergency that was declared on the night of the attacks has been extended till the end of February, while French President François Hollande attempts to strengthen security and police.

“It is the response of a strong France which does not bend and will never bend,” said French Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

Several Carlmont High School students voiced their opinion to the attacks and increased security.

“I think that there are going to be more terrorist attacks,” said sophomore, Amaury Avat, who has dual citizenship in U.S. and France. “France’s security in general is not as strict as the U.S.’s. France will find terrorist suspects, but will only hold them for a certain period of time before releasing them. This needs to change to prevent further attacks.”