Rumors spread of mandatory attendance the day of Prom


Alyssa Espiritu

ASB Dance Supervisors preparing prom invitations

Alyssa Espiritu, Staff Writer

Prom season is here yet again. Students are starting to plan their legendary promposals and girls are buying their dresses and booking cosmetic appointments. However, the campus-wide question that has been arising is whether or not administration will be keeping track of school attendance the day of Prom.

“Most girls do not want to go to school the day of Prom because it takes a lot of time for girls to get ready. I would not want to rush after school,” said senior Sabrina Sneper.

In the previous years, attendance has been highly emphasized by administration to prevent students from cutting class. This year, students have been hearing rumors that they must attend a certain amount of classes on the day of Prom in order to be allowed entry at the event.

“I heard that students had to go to school for at least half of their classes, but I don’t know how administration would have the time to keep track of all of the students’ attendances at the door of Prom,” said senior Toni Lupilin.

ASB supervisors have also been instructed to tell students that attendance in classes is mandatory. Although ASB dance supervisors are held accountable to make sure that Prom and its preparations go smoothly, they also are responsible for promoting good attendance and influencing their peers to go to class.

“We are supposed to persuade students to come to class, but I don’t think that administration is actually going to follow through with checking attendance,” said dance supervisor Jen Anthony.

The fact is, administration is not going to formally check students’ attendance at the door of Prom. Though it is highly suggested to not skip class like any other day of school, students will not be refused of entry.

“The district also requires a certain amount of minimum days allowed. The board thought that it would be a good idea to have a minimum day during the day of Prom so that it is more convenient for students, and to prevent students from cutting a full day of class,” said Administrative Vice Principal Grant Steunenberg.

“It is so much more convenient for me that we have a minimum day because I live all the way in Marin, and I need as much time as possible so that I will not be rushed while getting ready for Prom,” said senior Kat Myers.

To clear the air and stop the talk of Prom rumors, students are not required to attend school the day of Prom. There will not be any consequences for an excused absence.