Teachers prepare for the end

Mr. Waller working in his prep period.

Adriana Ramirez

Mr. Waller working in his prep period.

Adriana Ramirez, Staff Writer

Every teacher has a different workload and with the semester ending, they need to manage their time and work wisely in order reduce stress.

Students are not the only ones who have work to complete during the end of the semester. Teachers have to prepare and grade the final exams.

“There is grading to be done [of a few assignments] and then there is preparing for Power Point presentations and multiple choice final for MEH [Modern European History],” said Jason Waller.

Some teachers plan the work needed to be done for the days there is no school ahead of time.

“I absolutely planned the curriculum and [have the] winter show in my mind,” said Ame Secrist. “I am looking forward to the rest.”

With the winter dance show being on Dec. 5 2014, Secrist had a lot of work to do over Thanksgiving break.

“I think it depends on the classwork. And it also depends on teacher preparation,” said Secrist. “I am hopeful that all teachers got to enjoy their holiday.”

For Robert Tsuchiyama, the days this year changed his daily lessons and turning in assignments.

“We have to cover all material,” said Tsuchiyama. “Normally I don’t assign anything over break but this year they had assignments because of days.”

According to Mindy Chiang, she has the lessons planned out from the beginning of the year with a few exceptions. Thanksgiving break did not halt them.

“I think either way, we spend time reviewing. It’s not that big of a deal,” said Chiang.

The difference of workload depends on the class. Not every department is the same.  For example, teachers of foreign language classes have different levels, thus having different work for each level.

“I’m writing finals. I don’t have a specific set,” said Chiang. “Every class is different and the pace is different.”

According to Tsuchiyama, in the math department, everyone has their own system. According to Waller, the history department gets together and decides on what the students are going to do for the semester.

Waller said, “All grades are updated. I do the same each and every unit.”

Teachers have different methods of grading assignments. Also, their grade books don’t all look the same.

“Everyone grades differently,” said Chiang. “For me, I have categories. We use computer tools to help. For me is difficult to have a whole semester set.”

For some teachers, this last few days are very stressful due to different situations. For Chiang, it is moving to a new classroom, from T10 to U14.

“Always stressed out, especially now with the move because I can’t work in the room in my prep [time],” said Chiang.

With all the stress from grading and writing final exams, teachers are preparing for what is to come.


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