‘The Beginning After The End’ reincarnates the fantasy-action genre


Brianna Cheng

“The Beginning After The End” is an excellent action-fantasy webcomic that reinvigorates old tropes and injects new genres into the story.

The webcomic “The Beginning After the End” takes the reader on an exciting journey as the story follows the reincarnated king with his new life, where adventure awaits him. This webcomic has a well-written plot, loaded with action, yet it still makes room for other genres. 

“The Beginning After The End” is an ongoing Tapas original, written by TurtleMe and illustrated by Fuyuki23. Currently, the webcomic has 97 chapters, and the story splits into four seasons. New chapters come out every Friday, so be ready! “The Beginning After The End” ranks #2 on AnimePlanet, with a raging 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The story begins with the mighty King Grey waking up as a newborn baby named Arthur Leywin. He realizes that someone probably assassinated him and that he has reincarnated into a new family, who resides on a continent called Dicathen. After being given a chance at a new life, Arthur decides to live his life differently than before—he was going to be loved and supported by friends and family. As the story progresses, the readers join Arthur on his journey in the new world, as he faces challenges, gains power, and creates new relationships.

First, let me just say that I’m a sucker for action-fantasy comics. And reading “The Beginning After The End” made me love them even more.

I think this webcomic has a well-written plot. The author does a great job of creating new challenges for Arthur to face and making him stronger by facing them. At the beginning of the series, his family decides to move to a new city, and Arthur is separated from his family. As the young Arthur lost his way in the forest, he meets a monster who helps and trains him, helping him to become a more well-rounded character. And that’s only a snippet of what happens in the first season. Additionally, the author mixes in comedy and romance to the story, which adds a nice, refreshing touch to the common-place fighting in the action-fantasy genre.

Watching Arthur’s growth is also why this webcomic is readworthy. He uses his knowledge as a king and unlocks his powers at a young age, and with retired adventurer parents, he’s able to train even as a child. As Arthur grows older, his abilities increase, and he faces more vigorous opponents—plus, the fighting scenes are super detailed and intense. He also grows as a person as he builds new relationships throughout the story—friends and foes.

I recommend “The Beginning After The End” if you’re looking for something similar to “Mushoku Tensei” since both stories have a similar premise of the reincarnated character. However, “The Beginning After The End” is definitely more PG. 

Overall, the webcomic is a 5 out of 5 stars. It has a great, well-rounded plot, filled with action, fantasy, with little sprinkles of other genres. Readers follow and watch the main character grow in strength and as a person on the enjoyable journey that awaits him. 

Read this, and you’ll be wishing you could reincarnate in a magical world as well.

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