The cats are taking over Halloween

The cats are taking over Halloween

Kat Savin, ScotCenter Video Editor

This year, many girls at Carlmont decided to put on their cat ears, paint on some whiskers, and wear cute kitty inspired outfits for Halloween.

Cat costumes usually consist of cute cat ears, a tail, and matching makeup.

At Halloween stores, one can purchase cat ears in different colors and shapes including other felines like tigers, leopards, and lions. Usually, girls enjoy sprucing up their costumes with cute kitty makeup. All this requires is using eyeliner to draw a nose, whiskers, and cat eye eyeliner to achieve this look. To complete the look, girls would sometimes wear matching colored pants and shirts to make themselves look like they’re wearing a body suit.

Why are girls wearing cat costumes for Halloween?

“I didn’t want to go all out with a costume this year so I thought being a cat would be easy and cute,” stated Aniles Devoe.

“I chose to be a cat for Halloween cause it’s cheap and easy and I had to get a costume last minute so it was very simple,” said Monee McGrady.

Being a cat for Halloween is cute, cheap, and easy making it one of the most popular choice for girl’s costumes this year.

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