The Christian club prepares for a season of giving


Christian Club’s president and vice president

Taran Sun, Staff Writer

A community for Christians and a way to grow closer to God: Christian club is the group of individuals who embody these goals, seeking to bring them to life on the Carlmont campus.

Christian club meets weekly to take part in Bible discussion and plan community volunteer work in order to create a close group of students devoted to God. This week the members of the club turned their attention to the holiday season, enthusiastic to reach out to their fellow students and help with the financial troubles that families can experience during the holidays.

Senior Jack McDowell, club president, said, “What we can do is donate money or gift cards to the program, and in turn the money will be given to families so that they can buy holiday gifts for their kids, or groceries, or whatever they need.”

The rest of the club members cheerfully agreed to help with this program, eager to reach out to help in the lives of their neighbors as Christmas draws near. In addition to the donations the members of Christian club planned to make, they discussed an upcoming community service project. The project would be led by students and organized by the group Future Profits. McDowell said, “Future Profits is partnering with Generation Alive to help pack 250,000 meals for people in need, and we can help them.”

After the club members confirmed that they would consider this community service opportunity, senior Rachel Andrews, club vice president, suggested a game that the club members could play to grow closer to God: Bible Assassins.

Andrews said, “You have to have your Bible on you at all times during school, it has to be visible at all times during passing period and on your desk. If you guys want to, we will put your names in a hat, and if you pick someone’s name, you are their assassin. Your job is to try to catch that person without their Bible visible, and if you do then you ‘assassinate’ them and move on to their target until there is only one person alive.”

The rest of the club members found this idea exciting, and a few started conversations about past years of Bible Assassin competition.

Andrews said, “Carrying a Bible around with you is also a fantastic way to start a conversation about Christ if your friends ask about it.”

As the lunch period drew to a close, the club members concluded by sharing Bible passages that they liked or that had special meaning to them.

Freshman Abby Khouri said, “I really love Philippians 4:13, ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.’ When I’m sad or stressed, this reminds me that Christ is always on my side and all the stress just goes away.”

With their passages shared, the club members headed back to their classes, the following week’s meeting awaiting them as they continued their walk with God.