‘The English Game’ is a binge-worthy series with a kick


'The English Game' / Netflix / Radio Times Website / CC BY-SA 2.0

The main character, Fergus Suter, celebrates a goal in the FA cup final.

With all the sports leagues down due to the coronavirus, the Netflix show “The English Game” allows sports fans to watch sports with a touch of drama to satisfy their need to watch games. 

 “The English Game is about the origins of modern soccer in England and the hardships people had to go through to get soccer where it is in today’s world. The characters go through many ups and downs on and off the field, with problems in work, family, and soccer. Still, in the end, the characters have something to look forward to and work towards.

The area in which the show succeeds the most is its characters. The show is based around Fergus Suter, played by Kevin Guthrie, a poor soccer star who gets paid to help his family. Back then, the game was meant for amateurs, meaning you couldn’t get paid for playing the sport. Suter changed that but caused anger among his team, teammates, and the FA organization. Arthur Kinnard, the head of the FA organization and captain of the Old Etonians, played by Edward Holcroft, changed the way the game worked on the field and behind the lines. 

The main reason I enjoyed this show is that it cured my boredom, and I found the show interesting, as it conveys an intriguing story through a historical lens. For me, “The English Game” taught me things I previously didn’t know, like how people struggled to get where they are relates to how the sport today is meaningful to a lot of people, and for some, it’s all they have. 

Watching the teams and people fight for glory on the field as well as off the field makes the show exciting and often keeps you on the edge of your seat, so you feel more inclined to keep watching.

Seeing the struggles that people face and have to overcome as well as seeing them succeed and play well in their matches is what makes the show enjoyable since it correlates with what the athletes have to go through today. 

This is why “The English Game” is a good show to binge-watch, as it allows you to learn new facts about how soccer began and evolved while also filling our sadness because of the lack of sports at the moment. 

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