The fight against human trafficking


Freedom Fighters discuss worldly human trafficking issues and what their next move should be.

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

Human trafficking is an issue that is continually growing around the world that forces people to complete laborious tasks.

Carlmont’s Freedom Fighters Club was formed this school year in order to bring awareness of human trafficking to the school and community.

The Freedom Fighters Club associate themselves with organizations that fight against industries that participate in human trafficking and forced labor in order to manufacture their products.

An example of one of these industries is the chocolate industry. Manufacturers such as Nestle’s Toll House uses child slave labor for their production of cocoa.

The Freedom Fighters promote businesses that practice fair trade unlike certain chocolate manufacturers. They participate and help out organizations that fight against forced labor and human trafficking.

Club advisor Michelle McKee explained the goal of the organization International Justice Mission. McKee stated, “IJM fights against slavery and helps widows and children.”

McKee then went on to explain that in Africa women cannot own land. IJM is an organization that sends in volunteers to fight for these womens’ rights to keep their land after their husbands die. IJM also fights against sex trafficking in countries around the world.

One of the main organizations that Freedom Fighters supports is Gifts that Give Back. This organization raises money and donations to send gifts internationally. The gifts that they send range from seeds for planting to sewing machines.

One thing these gifts have in common is that they are all things that will provide more benefits in the future.

Sewing machines can be used to start a business or for simply making clothing for the family. Seeds benefit farmers because they are able to start a garden and grow food which they can then use for themselves or to sell to others.

“Being in the club has made me realize all of the ways I can support local organizations and help victims in the Bay Area. For example, there is a store in Half Moon Bay that makes slavery free products,” said senior Kenzie Phillips.

In the past, Freedom Fighters promoted organic chocolate which was not produced by slaves. Now thanks to the club president, senior Claire Porter, they hope to do something similar with the chocolate for Valentine’s Day or Easter as a way to help students gain an awareness and get more involved in the fight against human trafficking.

The Freedom Fighters’ goal is not only to make students more aware of the hardships going on around the world but also to make a change in the lives of those affected by human trafficking no matter how simple that change may be.