The final push for track team


Carlmont had its last track meet before championships. Photo taken by Melanie Hamaguchi.

Tara Shahrvini, Staff Writer

The Carlmont track team’s final meet before the PAL and CCS championships took place on April 24 against Menlo Atherton High School.

This was the last meet for students to earn qualifying times that would allow them to advance to championships. However, the day before this track meet, Carlmont students were punished for cutting corners.

Sophomore Lauren Schmall said, “At practice the day before our meet, the coaches saw that most people were cutting corners and running less than they were told to. As a result, we had to crab walk across the width of the field, which is surprisingly hard, and do extra 100 meter dashes.”

Coincidentally, the Menlo Atherton team was also punished before the meet with crab walks and an intense workout that left many sore and exhausted.

Schmall said, “When I was talking to other people from Menlo Atherton before my events, they told me that they were also punished the day before. We were all worried that the other team would have an unfair advantage because we were sore, but it was actually an even playing field.”

As the track team finishes its season, both the coaches and the students want to finish with a bang.

Sophomore Jake Kumamoto said, “I think we all understand why the coaches did what they did. We can’t be lazy when we’re this close to championships. The season is ending and other teams might take it easy, but this is the time when we should really shine We have to give it one last push.”

The stakes are high for this year’s PAL and CCS championships, and runners feel the combination of excitement, anxiety, and competition.

Freshman Emma Morimoto said, “I am just so thrilled to be part of the track family. We have all become so close that I find it unbelievable. It means a lot not just to me but to the whole team that we have made it this far. Our chances of winning championships are looking very nice and we all know it’s because of our coaches’ dedication. They teach us to take responsibility and own up to our actions.”

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