The forbidden fruit snacks

The forbidden fruit snacks

Bans on soda are surfacing all over America, but we have had soda sales banned at Carlmont for quite some time now.

Soda is long gone from our vending machines, but other sugary drinks and snacks have vanished. Many students are disappointed in the loss of sugar.

“Sugar is good, it wakes people up so they don’t fall asleep in class,” said sophomore Hirad Pourtahmasbi.

The Vitamin Waters and Jelly Belly fruit snacks have been removed from the Student Store due to their sugar content. Ice cream bars have been replaced with healthier knock-off versions of the originals.

“We got rid of those little fruit snacks the kids liked so much, we were surprised that they were taken away. The district came down and checked out the store,” said Jordana Simon, a Carlmont mother who works in the student store.

The store hopes to replace the forbidden fruit snacks with healthier options next year.

“We might even get those G2 sports drinks to replace the Vitamin Waters next year,” said Simon.

America’s obesity is an issue taken close to heart at every school, but where do the sugar Nazis stop?

The choice in what a student consumes for lunch lies with him or her. Chocolate milk is still available with lunches, yet our sports drinks have been benched.

The chocolate milk is dished out freely with any meal purchase, but zero calorie, non-fat, healthy water is a dollar extra and not an available substitute.

The sugar ban in snacks is screaming injustice and points fingers at the fat content which in turn points toward the growing teens that enthusiastically claim indifference toward the content and crave the taste.

Carlmont has removed the three by two inch fruit snacks, but leaves the grease-coated pizza and corn dogs on the menu for lunch. A small victory for trans fats.

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