The rebirth of Sadie Hawkins


Andrew Cross

ASB puts up signs and posters to advertise Sadie Hawkins

Andrew Cross, Staff Writer

We live in a society that is accustomed to the boy asking the girl to the dances. The Sadie Hawkins dance will change all of that for students.

The Sadie Hawkins dance is on March 20. in Carlmont’s main gym. Students get to dress up in their favorite twin costume with their dates.

“It is different than most dances. Instead of wearing a dress or a suit you get to wear a costume. Also, the girls get to ask the guy they want to go with instead of the guy asking them,” said junior Megan Wilson.

The dance was named after a character in a Li’l Abner comic strip created by Al Capp. It was about an unmarried women chasing bachelors and marrying the one she caught.

Soon, the idea became popular and schools started to create school events and dances where the girl got to ask the guy.

The dance gives an opportunity for girls to ask the guy they want to go with.

At the same, “It gives the guys a chance not to worry about getting rejected or worrying about how much everything is going to cost,” said sophomore Nick Brooks.

This is not the first time Carlmont has had a Sadie Hawkins dance. The school use to have it regularly like other schools, but it wasn’t popular with the students.

ASB decided to wait for four years until everybody graduated to try it again when they had a new group of students.

“They wanted a new group of students that are not familiar with this type of dance. It allows ASB to see if they should continue the dance or get rid of it,” said junior Spencer Stewart.

With the Sadie Hawkins dance happening for the first time in four years, some students remain optimistic.

“I don’t really know how it’s going to turn out. Hopefully it’s successful and we can have the dance continue,” said Stewart.