The Scots tamed the Mustangs


Scots offense paves way for a four and zero start.

Ariana Crame, Staff Writer

Carlmont football kept up their winning streak against Homestead High School on Sept. 20 with an ending score of 40-25.

To get the game going Jake Kumamoto scored a two down, two yard touchdown that put Carlmont in the lead in the first quarter. The second quarter was the most exciting. Homestead scored a touch down then soon after Sami Makaafi ran a 85 yard return for a Carlmont touch down. Touchdowns were being scored one after the other leading to a 34-19 halftime Carlmont lead.

Jake Kumamoto, Makaafi, and Salvador Rico Santana scored multiple touchdowns.

Kumamoto, number 37, who plays halfback and linebacker, was asked how it feels after he scores a touchdown and he said, “It feels pretty great knowing that I helped the team, but it feels better after, when I am celebrating with my teammates.”

During the game Theo Chatman, number 47, who plays free safety-defense, said, “It’s tough watching the team playing without you and wishing you could go help.” Theo was unable to play because he was injured, but will be able to start playing again on Sept 23.

“We all have each others backs,” said Kumamoto.

The crowd was very excited and loud during the game. They showed support for the team.