The Scots tear up the Bearcats during senior night


Mackenzie O'Connell

Haider blocks the ball against the Bearcats.

Mackenzie O'Connell, Staff Writer

The Scots take a scratch at the Bearcats earning a win before their final season game.

On May 3 the varsity volleyball team took home a win against San Mateo High School. After a four-set game, the boys were able to defeat the Bearcats during their senior night.

Though San Mateo cheered and swung their flags with support, it was no match to the Scots motivation on the court.

Kazmin Haider, 11th-grader said, “I think we played really good. It has been a good season and we have gotten so much better over the season. I am proud of our efforts tonight.”

During the first set, the boys won 25-14. Chris Ding, 12th-grader, came on the court ready to play with a series of hits striking the court. Throughout the game, 12th-grader Peyton Young was also able to motivate the team and keep them focused.

Ding said, “I think we played well today. We struggled during the second set but we ultimately finished it.”


During the second set, the boys lost 25-22 as Ding’s final spike hit out of bounds unable to save the game for the team. The boys began to lose focus and make careless errors that could have been tightened up according to Young.

“I was so happy with our play during the first and final sets of the game. We did lose focus during the second set and made some very messy passes and errors which were unfortunate but in the end, we got our heads back in the game and won. That’s what really matters,” said Young.

The boys were later able to come back with a 25-13 win during the third set and a final win of 25-14.

Chris Ding spiking the final point of the game and winning the game for the Scots.

The Scots will face South San Francisco at Carlmont on May 5 for their final season game.

“For this final game I just really want our team to let loose and have fun on the court. We have been so serious this entire season and I wanna finish it up with some fun on the court with my teammates,” said Ding.