The Ten Flex Commandments


Emma Romanowsky

Carlmont’s new flex schedule has many strict and confusing guidelines. Here are the top ten guidelines.

Emma Romanowsky, Highlander Editor-in-Chief

Carlmont this year is piloting a new schedule this semester with one new feature: a flex period. 

Flextime is a time to meet with your teachers, work on homework, make up tests, etc. These 30 minutes are there for you. Only, there are some parameters, actually many parameters. So, here I have for you, my fellow students, the Ten Commandments of Flex.

Thou must recognize that flex is reserved for academics: Flex time is factored into the overall instructional time for the school year. This means that everything you do during flex must be arguably academic-related. This idea is the pillar for the following nine commandments, though it was never made explicitly clear to me that flex was solely to work on academics. [See commandment 10]. 

Thou shalt not sleep in flex: Flex is not the time for a power nap. Sleeping is strictly forbidden unless you find a special teacher who goes rouge and bends the rules, which brings me to the third commandment.

Thou must schedule to be in a specific period for flex: Signups for flex open six days before the allotted date of the flex period. They close 24 hours before flex begins. 

Thou shalt only attend the flex of thine existing teachers from this year: Although all teachers are available on infinite campus, Carlmont requires students to choose from only their current teachers. This means that previous teachers are off-limits unless there is a “reasonable circumstance” such as a meeting to discuss letters of recommendation [see Commandment 10]. Regardless of possible exceptions, students must attend flex, bringing me to the fifth commandment.

Thou shalt not roam the halls during flex: Attendance during flex is mandatory. It is likely that there will be days where none of your teachers [see commandment three] will have space in their classrooms for you to be in. This is not a get-out-of-flex-free card. Students without classrooms must be in the Student Union, library, or PAC for the entire duration of the period.

Thou shalt not be late to flex: Make sure that upon your arrival to flex, you scan your student ID in a timely manner. Not only is attendance taken, but after three minutes of flex has passed you will be marked tardy. Keep in mind that a photo of your ID will not work with the scanners.

Thou shalt not socialize during flex: Again, flex is the time for schoolwork, not talking or texting with your friends.

Thou shalt not eat during flex:  Flex occurs right before lunch, but should not be used as an extended lunch period. You should be aware, however, that on days with flex, lunch periods are shortened by 10 minutes. 

Thou must subscribe to thine teacher’s rules during flex: If you have found a teacher for flex, understand their personal rules for their flex periods. Rules will differ from teacher to teacher, but you are expected to be aware of and follow the guidelines for each individual teacher during their flex time. Understand that teachers’ guidelines may or may not align with the prior eight commandments.

Thou shalt never fully understand all of the rules of flex, not be able to find an official list of them: Use these commandments as your, to continue the metaphor, flex “bible.” Be ready to hear multiple variations of flex rules, there is no complete document with all of the do’s and don’ts of flex that lists potential exceptions.