The Weeknd visualizes his emotions in his ‘Until I Bleed Out’ music video


The Weeknd at Bumbershoot 2015 / Kayla Johnson / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

The Weeknd performs at the annual Bumbershoot festival in 2015.

It is hard to get up after falling down, but it’s still crucial to try to build yourself back up. While spending more time alone, it is easy to lose track of the things you value most. The Weeknd puts this feeling all into perspective.

In one of The Weeknd’s new songs, “Until I Bleed Out,” he reveals the emotions that he felt while on the verge of death. However, this song highlights negative aspects of life in too much of a positive way.

The general message that The Weeknd is trying to communicate with his lyrics is that he wants to be sober and happy again. While saying, “And I don’t even wanna get high no more, I just want it out of my life,” he is asking for change to be brought into his life. 

The meaning of the lyrics could be interpreted as a cry for help, as well as a message to the public that there is a way to fix problems. However, he also brought attention to issues like drugs and depression through this song in a way that promotes the abuse of substances. 

After releasing his album, “After Hours,” The Weeknd slowly started releasing music videos for some of his songs. The video for “Until I Bleed Out” matches the vibe of the song very well. It gives the viewer the feeling that they are experiencing the emotions that The Weeknd is going through while seeing this video. 

The video looks like it is a colorful hallucination. Since there is so much confetti flying through the air at the party setting, it feels as if you are falling through the video, much like The Weeknd is. 

While in many music videos, the artist mouths their lyrics to make it seem as if they are singing, The Weeknd chose not to do this. This creates a better impression that he can not move — that he, in fact, is “paralyzed,” both physically and mentally, due to the drugs he has taken. 

Although this is not the most cheerful song that The Weeknd created, it still is one of his better ones considering the content in it.  

It’s safe to say that The Weeknd did a great job executing the video to this depressing song. 

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