3 stylish fashion trends this school year


Maddy Mercado

A Carlmont student wearing a Ukiyo-e UT shirt, a new trendy design created by Uniqlo.

There have been many popular pieces of clothing amongst students at Carlmont during the first month of school. Here are three different trending clothing items, where to get them and how much they cost.

Uniqlo Wave Shirts

Over the summer, Uniqlo released a series of shirts that have become very popular. The designs on the shirts are original designs by Hokusai, Hiroshige, and Kuniyoshi. There are nine variations of the short-sleeved shirts, but three have been more popular than the others.

The Ukiyo-e UT, in the color of off-white, is the most popular amongst teens, mainly because of its simple design. It is sold for $19.90 online and in the store. The simple wave in the middle, with the white fading into blue at the bottom, is a subtle pop of color that appeals to the eye.

Another shirt that has been very popular this school year is the Ukiyo-e UT in color off-white. This is also sold for $19.90 online and in-store. This shirt has three designs on the front of different art pieces by Hokusai, Hiroshige, and Kuniyoshi.

The Ukiyo-e UT, in the color navy, has a front pocket with a wave design on it, and there is a matching wave on the bottom half of the back of the shirt. This variation is slightly contrasted to the off-white version because of Hokusai’s Great Wave print.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are crucial to beat the heat. Many places sell denim shorts, but PacSun, Target, and Hollister have the best combination of well-reviewed and affordably-priced shorts.

The Eco Black Mom Shorts from PacSun are $19.97 and are made with sustainable materials. As of Sept. 13, 2022, they’re on sale for 50% off. They stay in trend by having five pockets and a cuffed hem.

These Super-high Rise Rolled Cuff Mom Jean Shorts by Wild Fable from Target range from $12.75 to $15.00. They’re available in extended sizes, women’s and women’s plus, have rolled cuffs with five pockets. They also have a super high-rise waist for a figure-flattering look.

The High-Rise Ripped White Denim Shorts from Hollister are $35.96 for members and $44.95 for non-members. They’re soft and stretchy and have cuffed hems with five pockets.


Sundresses are a nice change of pace when trying to keep cool and beat the heat. Sundresses from retail stores like Target can become a go-to clothing item to wear on a hot day.

The Women’s Sleeveless Tie-Back A-Line Dress from Target is $25.50 online and in-store. It has adjustable straps, breathable fabric, and, most importantly, functioning pockets.