Tie-dye Tailgate brings color to Carlmont


Francesca D'Urzo

Juniors Ayan Dixit and Greta Foehr grill hotdogs for students during the ASB Tie-dye Tailgate.

Francesca D'Urzo, Staff Writer

As the football players prepare for the game, ASB prepares to spread school spirit.

With football back in season, Carlmont’s ASB held their first tailgate of the year in order to rekindle student involvement with carnival games, a barbecue, and a Tie-dye Spirit Day.

Greta Foehr, a junior and member of ASB, said, “Our goal for this Tie-dye Tailgate is to begin the football season on a memorable note. We want each of our activities to be more eventful than the next, and [we hope] that they will help encourage student participation.”

At the tailgate, ASB provided an abundance of activities, including ping pong, cornhole, jump rope, soccer, and spikeball.

Tyler Dartnell, a junior, said, “My favorite part of the tailgate was definitely the wide array of games offered. It was so much fun to just forget about the stress of school for a day and enjoy these activities with my friends before the football game.”

Along with these carnival games, ASB also had a barbecue where students could purchase a hot dog, lemonade, chips, and candy for only $2.

“We wanted to make the food extremely cheap in order to give back to the students for demonstrating endless support and spirit for every event ASB holds,” Foehr said. “We tried to make this tailgate easily accessible for all students through the cheap food and universal tie-dye theme, so anyone could participate.”

As for the theme, ASB encouraged students to wear tie-dye in order to liven and brighten up the bleachers during the football game.

Hana Lip, a junior, said, “I loved how ASB made the tailgate theme easy for all students to participate in. It was so cool seeing everyone come together wearing their bright tie-dye [gear] in the bleachers as a community.”

Through these school-wide events, ASB aims to unify the Carlmont community and create a positive environment where all students feel welcomed to participate in school activities.

Soni Kanaya, a junior and member of ASB, said, “A lot of work goes into holding these types of events, but seeing students come together to laugh and have a great time makes all of the hard work worth it. If we can make at least one student happy through our activities, then we have succeeded.”