ASB introduces a new end-of-year festival


Andrea Butler

Melina Dimick sorts through forms people and clubs submitted to be a part of Scotsland.

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer

Approaching the end of the school year, students will participate in a Scotsland festival, where there will be music, games, and food available to enjoy. 

“Scotsland will take place on the field on May 25, and it’s more of a festival than it is of an assembly,” said Melina Dimick, a sophomore and ASB assembly coordinator. “There’s going to be food sales, games, and performances; it’s like what you would find at a festival.”

Many clubs signed up to participate in Scotsland, as well as some groups or individuals who want to put on a performance. However, as the event is still around two weeks out, there hasn’t been much notice about it, so those who wanted to perform learned about in from those in ASB.

“I signed up to sing ‘Human’ by Christina Perri,” sophomore Amruta Thruse said. “I sang in Carlmont’s Got Talent, and someone in ASB texted me and asked if I wanted to perform in Scotsland.”

According to Dimick, the performances of Scotsland will include Carlmont dance groups, Carlmont cheer, and a band of three seniors called Full Send.

One of the main reasons ASB decided to have Scotsland instead of the normal celebration assembly was because a constant correction the assembly committee received was having more audience participation.

“Corrections that we always get are that we need more audience participation, and this event is literally for the audience,” Dimick said. “I think the reaction will be positive because it’s interactive and allows all students to participate.”

Although it is so far unannounced, the overall reaction is projected to be really positive because everyone gets the opportunity to do join in, instead of being stuck in bleachers for over an hour.

“The idea of not having an assembly sounds interesting. We have a few assemblies a year and something that is different and outdoors sounds fun,” sophomore Holly Bazigian said. “I think I will enjoy it because we haven’t done something like this that is outdoors with food or games before.”

Scotsland also gives students the option to just relax and hang out with friends if they’re tired or just need some time for themselves.

Dimick said, “People can just walk around, and if some don’t want to participate at all they can just sit on the bleachers.”

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