Too Hot for the Middle East

Omar Borkan Al Gala flashing a smile. Photo credits:

Ayesha Abbasi, Social Media Editor/Columnist

Omar Borkan Al Gala flashing a smile.  Photo credits:
Omar Borkan Al Gala flashing a smile.
Photo credits:

Omar Borkan Al Gala, a United Arab Emirate national, was deported from Saudi Arabia for being “too attractive.”

This 25- year-old poet and fashion photographer was one of the three men kicked out of  the Jenadrivah Heritage and Culture Festival in Riyadh, the Saudi capital.

The reasoning of their removal was justified by religious police, saying that their sex appeal was deemed too dangerous by organizers.

With more than one hundred thousand likes, his Facebook page claims that he’s a photographer, actor, and poet from Dubai. He has also posted messages that seem to confirm his involvement in the incident.

“This is what written in newspapers in over the world 🙂 UAE men ordered to leave Saudi Arabia for being ‘too handsome,'” reads one post followed by a link to a news article about the issue.

But the absence of a confirmation from either the Saudi Arabian officials or Omar himself hasn’t stopped women, and some men too, from different parts of the world, from scouring his Facebook page for his pics.

“I have to admit, he easily distracted me from my homework even though some of his pictures are obviously photo-shopped,” said sophomore Hiba Dahdour.

The deportation, if really he was deported, has served him well, categorizing him into a league of extraordinary men. Omar is in talks to appear in a short film titled “51.” To be directed by John Steven Baltazar, the film, written by Michelle Nickelson is considered as United Arab Emirate’s pioneering major short film.

Whoever thought deportations were humiliating, obviously wasn’t Omar Borkan Al Gala.