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Truth, liberty, and toleration

Melanie Hamaguchi, Staff Writer

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Even after 50 years, Carlmont continues to enforce the morals of truth, liberty, and toleration that the school was dedicated to.

A plaque located at the entrance of the office building reading, “This building is dedicated to Truth, Liberty and Toleration,” was placed there over fifty years ago by the Native Sons of the Golden West.

The Native Sons, a society founded in the early 1800s, is occupied by California-born members who share the mission of preserving and documenting historic sites in California. This group also places commemorative plaques at important locations.

Carlmont, originally founded and housed on the same campus as Sequoia High School, was later moved to its own campus in April 1953. The plaque given to the school by the Native Sons of the Golden West was presented to the school shortly after the opening of its new campus.

As Carlmont moves forward in time, it continues to uphold the same moral principles to which it was dedicated to over 50 years ago with the help of various policies and rules.

Carlmont’s policy states, “The Sequoia Union High School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or disability in its educational programs or employment practices.”

Carlmont upholds this policy by not accepting and not discriminating against all races or religions. No student is disallowed any privileges due to race, sexual orientation, or gender.

“Carlmont has a variety of different clubs like the GSA and also a ton of ethnicity clubs,” said sophomore Kevin Shu.

Carlmont houses many clubs that are centered around different ideas and races, thus promoting a more diverse and tolerant campus.

The school’s Academic Integrity Policy maintains that, “Academic honesty is an integral component in fostering self-respect, achievement, and positive relationships among all stakeholders in our community.”

As a part of this policy, punishments are given if students are found to have cheated or plagiarized work. Carlmont’s emphasis of being academically honest corresponds with the same moral principle that was established at the school long ago.

“Carlmont gives students quite a lot of freedom, though some people complain that it isn’t an open campus,” said sophomore Matthew Troust.

Compared to private schools and some foreign schools, Carlmont has an extremely lenient dress code. Students aren’t required to wear uniforms and are allowed to wear most styles clothing as long as they aren’t too revealing or provocative.

As Carlmont moves towards its fifty-fourth year since opening, one can hope that administration continues to uphold the moral principles of truth, liberty, and toleration that Carlmont was and still is dedicated to.

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Melanie Hamaguchi, Staff Writer
I’m a sophomore and I enjoy Cross Country, Track and Field, and playing the cello. (Visited 57 times today)
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Truth, liberty, and toleration