Ukulele Club strums into a new year


Victoria Valle Remond

Members of the Ukulele Club perform an impromptu rendition of “Riptide” at their lunch meeting.

Victoria Valle Remond, Staff Writer

Ukulele Club’s mission is to create a welcoming environment for anyone who seeks to play the ukulele with friends in a safe place.

The club is run by Lily Bakour and Sedona Regan, who are both seniors. They meet in the Conference Room behind the Student Union every Thursday where members can gather to play music with each other.

“I joined Ukulele Club to be a part of a fun and loving environment just to jam, enjoy, and play music with awesome people,” said Regan.

Members join to improve their ukulele skills with other people.

“I knew the very basics of playing the ukulele, but I had never actually played with someone,” said Kyle Dimick, a junior. ” I wanted to get better by learning with a group, and it’s also a lot more fun to learn that way.”

Ukulele Club also gives members the chance to be an active part of the student body while doing something they enjoy.

“I wanted to get involved at Carlmont and I love playing ukulele, so when I heard about the club, I joined. It turns out that I really liked it,” said sophomore Lauren Wang.

As well as being a friendly environment for music lovers, Ukulele Club also participates in several school activities throughout the year.

“It’s different every year, but it’s awesome,” said Dimick. “We do Heritage Fair every single year and this year we’re trying to add some smaller events and the Celebration Assembly as well.”

Overall, Ukulele Club is an environment where students can come together to be a part of Carlmont’s community and spend time with others who enjoy playing the same instrument.

“It’s a safe place where people can come and play the guitar, play the drums, play the ukulele, sing, or just hang out with really cool people,” said Regan.

Jam out with Ukulele Club every Thursday during in the Conference Room behind the Student Union.

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