Upcoming changes to Carlmont – The new U-hall

Ethan Wong, Staff Writer

As a new semester rolls around, so do some new changes for the community of Carlmont.

A lottery was conducted among  Carlmont teachers to be given the chance to move their classroom to the newly built U-hall’s classrooms.

Chinese teacher Mindy Chiang, one of the teachers selected to move, said, “I’m excited obviously I mean we’re going to have air conditioning and no more flies, but I’ve been in my current room so long and its kind of nostalgic to be in there. But overall, I think it’ll be great.”

Since the U-hall is one of the farthest locations on campus for students to reach within the seven minute passing period, some students are concerned with the issue of tardiness.

“A lot of students have concerns of being tardy, so that’s a concern of mine as well,” said Chiang.

Sophomore Aaron Pau, who will taking part in the classroom move to U-hall said, “It’s really far from everything but it’s new, and new is good. But there’s really no other way to be on time but to hurry up. Just make sure you prepare all your materials before class starts.”

However, a few teachers who have been in the new U-hall for a year have already adapted to the distance of the new buildings from the rest of the campus.

Science teacher Dan Raffa said, “When I started we had a six minute passing period. I worked with Governance council to change it to seven minutes. After that change, the distance was not a problem for the students. Overall I’m very thankful for what the school has given me. Moving classrooms here to U-hall was a positive thing for me.”

Carlmont has been working hard to construct new buildings to enhance the school, hence the construction of the U-hall.

“It’s  a necessity. Carlmont is receiving more and more students each year and is running out of space in the current classrooms. I think Carlmont is making good use of their money by building these new buildings,” said Chiang.

The U-hall is slowly filling up its empty classrooms and more teachers will soon follow.

Students who have Ms. Chiang, Ms. Fox, or Ms. Argaluza can look forward to a brand new semester in a new state-of-the-art classroom.