Valentine love spreads to Vets


Izzy Mitchell

Carlmont bands together to write Valentine cards to veterans.

Chesirae Barbano, Staff Writer

Carlmont spreads the love to veterans with the Valentine card tradition.

Between Jan. 25 to Feb. 2, Carlmont’s student body was offered the opportunity to write letters to veterans.

Junior Celeste Hsu said, “[This event was] a good thing to do. I liked the idea of writing to people who have served our country and might be in need of some love.”

“I wanted him or her to know that my message was genuine and that it wasn’t something that someone forced me to do. I wanted to write something that would make him or her have a better day,” Hsu said.

Valentine’s for Vets stressed the importance of acknowledging veterans on days other than Nov. 11 because not all veterans live comfortably.

Similar to other students, junior Dylan Adams wrote his letter as a token of appreciation.

Adams said, “These men risked their lives and [writing letters] was something I could do to thank them.”

Adams’s plan to enlist in the Navy helped put him in the mindset of the veterans his letter was addressed to.

Valentine’s for Vets was originally proposed by ASB adviser, Jim Kelly. However, the event was adopted by  junior Mathew Irwin, senior Naomi Asrir, and  senior Melissa Chee.

Irwin said, “I wanted to carry out this project because I have spent a lot of time with veterans for service activities I have done in the past. Most of the veterans I’ve talked to during these activities are homeless. They’re amazing human beings and it’s upsetting to see so many homeless veterans, and I wanted to make sure they were recognized on the one day of the year that’s all about love.”

Together with Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Carlmont sent 185 decorated cards to veterans living overseas.

“I hoped this activity at Carlmont can encourage others to give back to the community around them,” said Irwin.