Vandals strike at Fox Elementary School

Vandals strike at Fox Elementary School

Melanie Hamaguchi, Staff Writer

Vandals spray painted on various areas of Fox Elementary School’s newly remodeled campus, raising new questions regarding expenses and security.

On late Sept. 18, vandals struck at Fox Elementary School, marking the campus with various drawings and phrases. The school was remodeled during the summer, now causing the school district to have to invest more money in the cleanup process.

“The school just underwent some construction and a lot of money was put in, and then to have more money spent to try to take care of that,” said Carlmont teacher, David Braunstein.

The process of repainting areas of the school and hiring contractors to access the damage can be costly and result in the use of funds being spent elsewhere rather than in the classroom.

Fox Elementary School teaches students from kindergarten to fifth grade, thus exposing a very diverse crowd to the graffiti which in some cases contained profanity and nudity.

“It’s a bad influence, they may use some of those ideas.” said former Fox student, Isabel Peate.

With young children attending Fox Elementary School, the graffiti, could expose the students to more adult ideas, affecting the way they think.

This wasn’t the first time that property of Fox Elementary School was damaged, roughly five years ago one of the school’s playgrounds was burned down.

“Fox is easily accessible to anyone who is close. I think cameras would actually be a great idea because you could see the faces of suspects.” said sophomore Alexandra Davidovich.

Fox Elementary School is right off of the busy Ralston Ave. making it a popular place for the community, but also easy for people to come onto the campus and commit crimes.

With the school having covered up the majority of the graffiti, students and parents can only wonder what measures the district intends to take to ensure that any similar incidents do not happen ever again.


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