Varsity badminton defeats El Camino in first game of season

Varsity badminton defeats El Camino in first game of season

Iris Berber, Staff Writer

On Thursday March 21, the Carlmont Scots won their first game of the season with a final score of 13-2 against El Camino High School.

Despite the fact that the Scots had been unable to officially prepare for the game by first playing in any scrimmages, some players felt that El Camino was an easy game to begin with.

Senior Kevin Liu of the varsity doubles team said, “It was honestly a very easy match and not challenging at all, really. Some of the other players on the team might have had more of a challenge, but overall our team did well having lost only two matches and winning 13. I think our next match against Aragon High School will probably be more difficult.”

Several other players of the varsity team agreed that playing El Camino was not a difficult start to the season.

Senior Jenny Chen, who plays varsity singles, said, “I wouldn’t consider El Camino to have been that much of a competition to start the season with. However, I did appreciate that their team had really good sportsmanship even though we won the game.”

While the Scots shared their first badminton victory, Chen explained that despite playing against various other schools, competition is also high among the school itself.

Chen said, “Having consecutive wins against other schools, I believe that the real competition actually happens within the school. Since badminton has so many individual categories, everyone was to be the top in their own category. We are still a team and we do want to win, but we also want to win independently.”

In regard to their first game, Liu’s doubles partner, senior Ryan Pau, said, “It was a pretty easy game against El Camino and I don’t really think we needed preparation.”

Pau predicted that personally, for his doubles category, the rest of the games this season should run as smoothly as this first one.

“I feel that with Kevin as my partner, we will maintain an undefeated record as a doubles team throughout this season. We are both very experienced players while the rest of high school players don’t really know the basic skills that are essential to play the game,” said Pau.

The Scots continue their daily practices and are looking forward to their next game against Aragon High School to take place the week of March 24.

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