Varsity football emerges victorious

Kimiko Okumura, Highlander Editor

Running back Sami Makaafi struggles to break free from his defenders’ grip as he runs out of bounds less than one yard away from the end zone. “We kept going 100 percent. No one slacked off,” said Makaafi.
While jogging back to the side lines, Senior Sam Boyle congratulates senior Berto Ruiz for a well executed play.
El Camino high school tackles running back Dominic Blanks as he protects the ball.
Blanks runs the ball down the field as El Camino’s defense sprints to catch him.
Makaafi rushes the ball down the field, trying to stay out of the defender’s reach.
Running back Mike How takes a moment to catch his breath after an El Camino player tackles him.
Outside tackle Anthony Armijo blocks El Camino ‘s offensive player.
Center Lucas Coley stares down El Camino’s defensive line before the snap.
Blanks leans on others for support after injuring his leg during a play. “A guy fell on me, and I heard a crack in the lower part of my leg,” said Blanks. Despite his injury, he will continue playing this season.
El Camino players help senior Elie Abinader up from ground.




After an exhausting play, senior Aaron Album kneels on the side line to watch the next play.
Senior Dakota Regan and Ruiz hug on the field after Carlmont scores a touchdown. Carlmont wins the game 33-6. “We’re still figuring ourselves out. But we’re going to work on growing as a family,” said head coach Rich Gianuario.