Varsity softball strikes out


Scott Schulze, Staff Writer

Carlmont’s Varsity Softball team lost their first game of the season to the Pioneer High School Mustangs on Tuesday.
It was a long and very closely matched game, but the Mustangs managed to pull ahead in the final inning, ending the game with a score of 2-1.
IMG_9842The Scots started out their season winning all of their games with a combination of pitching, hitting, and scoring.
Coach Liggett said, “I think everyone was surprised by how well the other team’s pitcher could throw. She was pitching really hot the entire game. We were definitely not prepared to face off against a pitcher of that caliber.”
The first five innings were very evenly matched for both of the teams. Both teams struggled to get a player on base as well as get them around the bases. For the first few innings of the game it followed the pattern of ‘three up, three down.’
The first team to score was the Mustangs. They managed to bring in a runner after one of their players got a short hit and made it to first base. The next batter hit the ball deep into center field fro a triple, bringing in a runner.
Carlmont’s Mackenna Galicia managed to score off of a run batted in (RBI), bringing the score to 1-1.
Carlmont started to make a lot more errors in the later innings of the game, which ultimately lead to them loosing the game.
Carlmont gave the loosing point when a bad throw to first base was made, letting the Mustangs’ runner on second make it all the way home.
The game ended with a final score of 2-1.
Senior Melissa Pakarek said, “We made a lot more errors in this game than we have in any of our other games. Most of the reason why we lost was because we just made a lot more errors than we should have.”
Senior Christy Peterson said, “We were not able to adjust to the pitcher. We also didn’t make very many connections to the ball while at bat and didn’t keep track of the count as we went up to bat.”
Liggett said, “I plan on making the girls works harder and get them ready to face stronger pitchers, like the one we faced today.”