Varsity volleyball adjusts to setbacks

Kimiko Okumura, Highlander Editor

Senior Natalie Tussy celebrates after winning the first set against Burlingame High School. “We were missing two of our starting players, but we were able to adjust to that,” said Tussy.
Senior Lauren Tierney, junior Elena Mateus, and Tussy keep their eye on the volleyball to gauge where it will land. “We weren’t used to playing with Alyssa as middle back, so we weren’t able to communicate as well. We ended up colliding a lot,” said senior Monica Bayaslagan.
Mateus jumps to spike the ball, trying to position it between the two Burlingame blockers.
Tierney sets the ball as junior Alexis Morrow starts her approach to hit it.
After a streak of Burlingame scoring, Morrow, Tierney, Tussy and junior Mia Hogan rejoice after executing a victorious rally.
Morrow spikes the ball to the middle of Burlingame’s side, as Tierney and Tussy cover the court, in case Burlingame blocks the hit.
Hogan and senior Sabrina Miller block a hit from Burlingame, resulting in one point for Carlmont. “We had pretty good defense, because they have two really good hitters and we were able to dig a lot of their balls,” said Tussy.


At game point with Burlingame in the lead, Hogan, Mateus, and Tussy run to pass the ball, but it hits the floor. Carlmont loses to Burlingame 3-1. Coach Chris Crader said, “Over the last few weeks, our girls have been working hard, and improving pretty much every match. So I’m proud of them, and I’m looking forward to our last two matches and the playoffs.”