Vegetarian Club takes a unique spin on a well known idea

Vegetarian Club takes a unique spin on a well known idea

Evan Davies, Staff Writer

Vegetarian Club takes a well known idea, the support of a vegetarian life style, and presents it in a relaxed and friendly way.

Some people might assume that a club with the primary goal of promoting vegetarianism would either be pretentious or derogatory towards anyone who isn’t a vegetarian, however this isn’t the case with Vegetarian Club.

“Our main goal is to promote vegetarianism, but in a friendly and non hostile way.” Said Junior Shayan Mandegarian, Vegetarian Club President. “We definitely want to avoid doing it the way PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) would for example, saying your evil if you eat meat and stuff like that.”

The club has roughly fifteen members so far and is willing to accept anyone who’s interested even if they haven’t attended any previous meetings. A large portion of club members aren’t even vegetarians but they are encouraged to attend just as much as members who are.

Junior Melanie Hamaguchi, Vegetarian Club Vice President said that “We don’t really care if you’re vegetarian or not. Our goal  is to show people what it’s like to be a vegetarian and why they might want to become one, but if not that’s cool.”

All that is asked is that students show up with an open mind and that they willing to listen to the what the club has to say. If after listening students decide that the don’t want to be a vegetarian they are still welcome to attend.

“I also try to bring some vegetarian or vegan snacks for each meeting,” said Mandegarian. “I do that to try and show people that it’s not a restrictive diet.”

During each club meeting members are encouraged to discuss their personal views on vegetarianism, as long as they are expressed respectfully all opinions are welcome even ones that aren’t necessarily pro vegetarian.

While vegetarianism is a relatively well known life style and not the most original idea for a club, it’s the club’s nonchalant, welcoming atmosphere that helps to set it apart.