Video Production Club offers thriving environment


Vincent Wai

Video production flyer rests next to a tri-pod, a common stand for filming with a camera. This can be found in room F10 at Carlmont High School.

Vincent Wai, Staff Writer

Despite its waning popularity, filmmaking is a shared passion among students in Carlmont’s Video Production Club. It’s a very friendly environment where students work together to celebrate this passion.

“I’d like to spread knowledge in the fields of visual art and provide more opportunities for those who hold a strong passion for it, but are unable to develop those passions,” said Marlon Fu, president of the club.

As well as motivating students to pursue film, new members are highly welcomed. Filmmaking isn’t notoriously popular in today’s society; yet with the right environment and people to work with, members are able to reach their full potential.

“It’s always a great feeling when you can find a club that simply satisfies everything you are looking for  helpful, kind, and supportive people. Although it’s not a big group, it’s definitely one to remember.””

— Ben Pasion

“The club offers a place where everyone can push their imagination to the fullest by making movies. Everyone is working on their individual films right now,” said Jonathon Yip, a junior at Carlmont.

Going in-depth of the aspect of filmmaking, creativity is highly influenced by the environment one surrounding the artist. With a positive place to work, chances of success and enjoyment of the art are maximized.

“I really like how this club provides an opportunity for people to discover and develop interests in a hobby that isn’t common amongst people of this generation,” Fu said.

Another idea among the club’s enthusiastic staff is the potential expansion of its size.

“Video production club is really great because it provides me with the time and assistance needed to make movies. Even the days when we don’t make movies I really enjoy spending time with the group. It’s overall a great thing to be apart of mostly because of the motivation and support are given.” Tomas Ronderos said.

“Originally, I joined this club because of my strong passion for filmmaking. It’s great to see this year’s changes with merging the Animation Club to cover a broader range of visual art.””

— Marlon Fu