Visual arts expresses what can’t be put into words


Original artwork

Athena Duran, Staff Writer

Visual arts have, and continue to serve as an outlet for people’s emotions and thoughts. The various mediums utilized by artists, have allowed for inspiration and creativity to burst within the walls of Carlmont.

From ceramics, to drawing and painting, to web design, the Scots have a large range of options available to them. The talent comes to life every year at the art show. It showcases students best work from through out the school year.

Many visual art classes offered and they are considered a career technical training course.

Megan Coley, a web design student this year, chose to take a visual arts class because she thought it would provide her with “useful skills for a future job.”

Looking beyond the surface of the art program, one realizes that behind each painting, each sculpture, each drawing, is a students imagination transformed into a tangible object for the world to see. For many students, art is the one thing that allows them to fully translate what they are feeling.

Senior Marisely Monterroso said that she likes art because she is able to “be as creative as [she] wants” when “expressing [herself] through artwork.”

Illustration and design student Jenny Chen, said that being “not much of a talker, drawing it out is easier” when trying to “express myself.”

Her favorite thing about taking art is the opportunity to see “other inspiring artworks” created by her fellow classmates. Currently, Chen said that the class is learning how to “incorporate text with illustration.”

When asked what art meant to her, sophomore Amber Governale said,  “if pictures are worth a thousand words, paintings are ridiculously long essays.”

It is important for all students to find something that can help them figure out their emotions and express new and creative ideas. Scots are fortunate to have a large visual arts program that caters to a wide spectrum of interests. With a well-educated faculty, each section of the visual arts is well represented.

As the school year begins to settle in, visual art students let their creativity lead the way.


Original artwork
Original artwork