Warm weather sparks exploration


Leela Stuepfert

Wavecrest Open Space Reserve offers one of the most beautiful sights in Half Moon Bay.

Leela Stuepfert, Staff Writer

With the variety of outdoor adventures located near Half Moon Bay, there is no longer a need to travel all the way down to the beach to breathe in salty air and gaze upon whales.

As the winter season takes a turn into the summer, high school students are tempted to explore new vistas.

“My friends and I are always looking for new things to do. Places near the beach are a perfect escape from stress,” said Alexa Johnson, a junior in high school.

Along the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, hidden behind thousands of Cypress trees, lies the beautiful array of greenery and wildlife known as the Wavecrest Open Space Preserve. Here, visitors are encouraged to hike with their friends along the cliffs to see breathtaking views of the ocean.


“I have never been here before. My family and I actually found this place on accident but I am glad we did,” said Mark Stone, a father of three. “We are definitely coming back.”

Visitors have the choice to either take the 0.3-mile trail along the edge of the cliffs or to get closer to nature via a 1.5-mile route.

“This park is great because it accommodates people searching for both exercise or a laid back stroll,” said a Mary Campbell, a local Half Moon Bay resident.

Behind the scenes, volunteers work vigorously to keep the land healthy. They have made a noticeable effort in putting up signs to inform visitors to stay on the trails and off the plants that would otherwise struggle to grow. 

“Our volunteers are constantly working throughout the week to ensure the preserve is being taken care of,” said Daniel Moore, a volunteer. “We are always removing trash and grooming trees.”

Their work has proven effective, which can be seen when the sun rays light up the wildflowers and fill in the grass with an array of rainbow-like colors. 

“This place is so gorgeous. All the colors and scenery puts me in a good mood,” said Isabella Garcia, a sophomore in high school.  “I definitely want to come back in the near future.”

The birds, wildflowers, and beautiful scenery make this preserve a perfect place for anyone looking for an escape outside of the house.

Visitor Carmen Morrow said, “My daughter and I love coming here because it is a way for us to bond in a peaceful environment.”