Was whiteout a win?

For the first time, Carlmont's homecoming dance had a theme, whiteout.

For the first time, Carlmont’s homecoming dance had a theme, whiteout.

Tara Shahrvini, Staff Writer

Students at Carlmont agreed that the Whiteout Homecoming Dance was a success. However, there are ample suggestions and recommendations for improving future dances.

Some of Carlmont’s population felt that the Associated Student Body did a great job rallying school spirit for the much anticipated Whiteout dance.

One of the most applauded improvements to this year’s dance was the store-bought decorations.

Sophomore Melissa Chee said, “This year the decorations were very sleek and modern. Last year you could tell that ASB had devoted lots of time to making the decorations fit well with the dance. This year’s decorations were especially compatible with the theme and brought a new level of excitement.”

Students and staff also agreed that the dance had a great showing with school spirit.

Freshman Ethan Miller said, “This was my first dance and I am very impressed. People from every grade showed up to have fun. I look forward to going to other dances and next year’s homecoming. I hope to see even more people next time.”

Compared to previous dances, some students felt that parts of the dance were well publicized, but others were not.

Chee said, “Publicizing an event to 2,000 students is clearly a difficult task, but overall ASB did a fantastic job. The only part of the dance that I thought should have been better advertised was the photo booth. I know that lots of students did not learn that the photo booth was free or that we even had one until the end of the dance.”

As for future improvements, sophomore Serenity Gregerson had some suggestions.

Gregerson said, “ASB does a great job with creating lots of posters and flyers. However, they should consider placing flyers and posters higher up and maybe even on the hallway ceilings. More people would look at ceiling posters because they are not very common. I think posters placed higher up on walls are also a lot less trampled over and viewed a lot more.”

Carlmont Activities Director, Jim Kelly discussed the dance in both his leadership and ASB classes. Students in both classes shared their feedback with Kelly and discussed the difficulty in planning any event.

Some Carlmont students are fans of the homecoming dances.

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