Weekday PSAT a first for Carlmont

Weekday PSAT a first for Carlmont

Josh Fagel, Staff Writer

Carlmont will be administering the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) on a school day this year for the first time ever.

All sophomores and juniors are required to complete the three-hour PSAT on Wednesday, Oct. 16 at 8 a.m. Previously, Carlmont has administered the PSAT on a Saturday morning.

Instructional Vice Principal Ralph Crame explained that the main reason for having the test on a Wednesday is so “more students will have access to take the test,” as a Wednesday PSAT avoids interfering with students’ weekend activities. On the other hand, “it takes away from instructional time in classes,” said Crame.

Meanwhile, students around campus articulated their points of view on the benefits and detriments of taking the test during school hours.

Junior Jen Anthony voiced her approval for the administration’s decision, considering that students now “don’t have to take time out of their Saturdays” and will have shorter classes in the afternoon following the test.

Other students were less excited about the change. Junior Adam Cobb, who took the PSAT as a sophomore, noted that all sophomores and juniors will “be exhausted when they attend their afternoon classes” and that there will be no late start on that Wednesday.

Although there are mixed reactions among the student body, Crame is confident that the positives outweigh the negatives.

Crame also highlighted the importance of the PSAT for juniors because they can qualify for the National Merit Scholarship program and practice for the SAT. For sophomores, they have an early opportunity to be exposed to the test that they will have to take the following year.

Since the PSAT is a required school activity for sophomores and juniors, Carlmont can not make students pay for their tests. However, Carlmont would appreciate a $25 donation to offset the cost of administering the test.

Regardless of whether the PSAT is held on a weekday or a Saturday, one thing remains the same: the PSAT is an important standardized test.