Working students find it difficult to manage their time

Working students find it difficult to manage their time

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

Being a high school student can be hard work and take up a lot of time. Typically, school takes up most of the day and afterwards students go home to do homework. All free time is devoted to school that it seems impossible that any individual could have the time to participate in anything else.

However, a majority of Carlmont students take numerous honors classes as well as participate in sports. Adding a job to that daily schedule seems absolutely insane but somehow a hand-full of students find the time to do so.

The majority of Carlmont students that have jobs are upperclassmen.

“The reason so many upperclassmen have jobs is probably because once you’re old enough to work and drive you end up wanting to go more places and do more things with your friends that usually involves spending money. Getting a job is the way most of us pay for that,” said senior Michelle Kopetman.

Sixteen is the legal age that people can start working and driving, both of which are huge responsibilities.

Having a job can seem fun but it comes with a lot of hard work that many students did not know they would have to do.

“When I first started working at Aldo I didn’t realize that I would have to do so much work. I have to rearrange shoes multiple times a day and I have to be patient and calm with even the most difficult customers which can be hard after a long day at school,” said junior Neeshae Wain.

Being a working student can be stressful and hard to balance.

“After school I usually work for a few hours and then go to the gym to work out. I rarely have time to both finish my homework and get a decent amount of sleep,” said junior Dan Carroll.

Although having a job as a high school student may be necessary or just for fun, it teaches students the value in time management.

Balancing school, homework, sports, a job, and having a social life is what many students attempt to do yet find wearisome.

“I work mostly because I need to money to pay for gas, but also because it’s fun to work at a sandwich shop [Togo’s]. Finding time for work, school, homework, and sports is sometimes really hard. But I find ways to do it and in the end it’s always rewarding,” said senior Gabe Crespin.

While juggling so many activities may seem stressful and undesirable for a high school student, the results are often rewarding and worth every bit of effort.