World Peace Week unifies students


Rachel Borshchenko

A poster hangs near C-hall reminding students of the activities going on during the week.

Rachel Borshchenko, Staff Writer

Carlmont students are conducting celebrations and experiencing unity in a unique way during the week of March 7.

ASB’s Culture commission is putting on World Peace Week from March 7 through March 11, a week meant to unite all the diverse cultures at Carlmont.

Culture Commission Supervisor Tara Shahrivini said, “The purpose [of the week] is really just to spread love. There’s a lot of hate in the media these days, whether it’s politics or just gossip. Carlmont is fortunate to have such a diverse population so we decided to embrace those different cultures.”

Many of the days during world peace week are being held in partnership with the various clubs on campus.

On Wednesday, henna will be done by Indian Club at lunch. Thursday’s lunch is scheduled to include a black/Muslim activist rapper, in collaboration with the Muslim Fellowship club.

To sum up the week, many clubs on campus will come together to put on an after-school clubs fair called the Club Carnival on Friday. The Club Carnival will include games, food and performances for students who chose to attend.

“As a member of the clubs and cultures commission, our commission’s goal is to get clubs involved. Through World Peace Week, we’re encouraging clubs to feature their idiosyncrasies to promote world peace,” said junior Ashley Wen.

As part of the week, the hallways have been decorated to feature the most important parts of the continents of the world.

Sophomore Maya Raman said, “I like the idea of World Peace Week trying to bring together the diverse cultures of Carlmont. That being said, I don’t really know how the week could bring world peace and make a bigger impact in the world.”

Wen feels that although achieving world peace may seem like daunting task, she still believes that the week can bring about change.

I hope that ASB can reach out to new demographics that have not yet been reached. Also, I hope that people become more aware of the social issues prevalent in our time, especially in the context of groups they belong to or are passionate about. World peace is an intimidating aspiration, but I hope that people feel the vibe of it from our collaborative efforts this week” said Wen.

The week is also being put on in conjunction with Feminism Week, led by a group of students from the Leadership I class.

The message [of the two weeks] is the same. It’s all about acceptance. The activities for Feminism and World Peace Week are separate but in the same location and with the same goal,” said Shahrvini.

With the activities going on throughout the week, the hope is that Carlmont’s diverse population will be brought together in order to showcase the diversity at Carlmont.

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