World Trade Center re-opens

The re-opening of New York’s “One World Trade Center” for business after more than 13 years since 9/11 represents the strength and agility throughout the United States.

According to BBC news, Dave Checketts, the CEO of Legends said, “It’s a brute fact. We did come back,” Checketts said looking out from near the tower’s top. “We brought it back; we built it even higher than it was before.”

Standing at 1,776 feet above the ground, the “One World Trade Center” is the tallest building in the country and the western hemisphere. It is 104 stories tall and has a three-floor observatory that will open this spring.

Senior Joseph Rodriguez said, “ I feel it is great that we were able to re-build a stronger and more secure World Trade Center as it exemplifies our ability to fight past the terrible day 9/11 was and become stronger and united as a country.”

The $3.8 billion dollar skyscraper took eight years to build and is considered to be the most secure business center in the world.

Extreme measures are being taken to keep the area surrounding the W.T.C secure.

Cars and trucks doing business at the W.T.C., or making deliveries to Liberty Street residents or stores, or carrying residents will be allowed in only with proper ID.  People visiting residents on the block will also be required to drive through after a short stop expected to be done in under two minutes.

Junior Gabriela Lehr said, “It is important that the new World Trade Center is safe and secure; although we cannot live in fear, we must acknowledge the past, but better strengthen ourselves as a country because of it.”

This is  an emotional milestone for many New Yorkers who lived through the horror and heartbreak of the Sept. 11 attacks and felt the loss they experienced that day every day through the empty skyline they faced.

According to BBC,  Steve Plate, who has overseen W.T.C. construction since the beginning, said,  “It’s a fantastic milestone, I was there that fateful day. And to see from where we started to where we are today, it’s truly a miracle.”