Carlmont drama expands its horizons


Sabrina Talpur, Staff Writer

Carlmont is now part of the International Thespian Society, which has chapters for high school drama students all over the world. Thespian Society, a brand new drama club, welcomes all interested in theater, drama, and film.

The club was introduced in the middle of last year and had 13 students initiated in an induction ceremony at the end of the year.

Staff sponsor Nancy Martin said, “The Thespian Society is a club that I have wanted my drama students to be a part of for a long time, so I’m happy to see it part of Carlmont now.”

Students get points for every time they are involved with a production, either onstage or on a backstage crew. They also get points for playwrighting, directing, and going to see plays.

President Zoe Chien said, “As this year’s president, I am both honored and excited to represent actors at Carlmont. I am lucky to be leading such a dedicated and talented group of students.”

“We hope to make Thespian Society a club that will last for years to come. All those interested should most definitely come by and check the club out,” said Vice President Sarah Burry.

Members of the Thespian Society will be competing at the annual Ohlone College High School Drama Competition in March for the first time as well as going to see professional plays around the Bay Area.  Professionals in the field of the dramatic arts will also come in as guest speakers.

Another induction ceremony will occur this fall. Meetings will be held on Mondays at lunch in the Studio Theater twice a month and any interested students can join.