Your life questions answered: Why does everyone hate Nickelback?

Bad Luck Brian struck with the worst luck, yet again.

Bad Luck Brian struck with the worst luck, yet again.

Iris Berber, Staff Writer

For years, people have pondered the reason behind the extreme mockery toward Nickelback. Where did this passionate dislike for the band originate?

Research shows there are literally groups of people that come together to protest this universal joke that is Nickelback.

For one, if you were to type in the question, “why does everyone hate nickelback,” into Google, you would rack up almost 1.5 million hits in less than .4 seconds.

Additionally, there have been multiple posts similar to this question that have been scattered around the Internet. In fact, there has even been a tumblr page dedicated to this question that seeks answers through its blog:

Clearly, there’s a problem here that needs to be addressed. While fanatics of this Canadian rock band struggle to defend themselves, the haters seem to tower over them like a giant music review bully.

Carlmont Senior, Katie Aldrich gave some insight on the matter stating that, “I personally dislike them. All of their songs sound the same.”

Perhaps this is a valid point, but remains a contradictory opinion for those who enjoy the familiar sound of the band and like to hear songs similar to the band’s sound type. According to the tumblr page, others claim that the band’s Canadian background is a disadvantage to their image because of the mockery in regard to stereotypical Canadians…and Justin Bieber, of course.

Lead singer, Chad Kroeger and the rest of the band apparently have been fully aware of how much they’re disliked, which had been especially made clear by an NFL petition in November of 2011.

Before these rock stars were scheduled to play at the Thanksgiving halftime show for the Detroit Lions, an actual petition was released against them, with a testimonial stating that “[their music] is not rock and roll. It’s a nasty hybrid of the worst manufactured music on the planet.”

This petition showed enthusiasm in its rage against the band and demanded a replacement—but Nickelback band members didn’t take it to heart. In fact, they played off of the comments in a satirical comedy skit collaboration with Funny or Die by addressing the issue directly.

Well, if everyone cared for their music, maybe they wouldn’t have gotten as much recognition as they carry today. So, in honor of Nickelback, I thank the media for its constant critique of the band—because it is funny, and because of it, Nickelback is always relevant.

Bad Luck Brian struck with the worst luck, yet again.
Bad Luck Brian struck with the worst luck, yet again.