4 fashion trends for spring


Daniela Reyes

A Carlmont student wearing colorful spring-like floral attire.

As it gets sunnier and the weather changes, so do our outfits. Spring is just around the corner, which means sunnier days are coming. If you don’t know what to wear this season, here are four different clothing trends you could try out for the spring.

Maxi Skirts

These skirts come in different colors, patterns, and sometimes shapes. As spring is known for its vibrant and soft floral theme, there are multiple floral Maxi skirts you could choose from, such as this Floral All Over Print Midi Skirt from Cider, costing $24. You can find them in multiple varieties such as straight, denim, silky, or floral-patterned.

Low Rise Jeans 

Low Rise Jeans are pants that could last all year long but especially look good in the spring. They are comfortable yet stylish for this season, go with anything, and have recently been brought back in a Y2K style. You could buy them in multiple different styles: boot-cut, baggy, or flared. These John Galt Light Blue Eleanor Low Rise Jeans go with any soft bright attire and are perfect for a sunny but chilly spring day. 


There’s nothing better than to keep cool as the temperature begins to rise. Baggy jorts are perfect for this time of year as it begins to get warmer outside, as keeping you comfortable, cool, and stylish is the best way to go for the spring. If you don’t want to spend your money on a pair of jorts, you could make your own at home!

Lace Tank Tops

These cute tops can go with a comfortable pair of Low Rise Jeans for a perfect spring day. These laced tanks come in vibrant and soft varieties and are sold in many places such as PacSun, Target, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters. These tanks are cute as well as affordable. For instance, this PacCares Lace Trim Tank Top is only $11.89 online and in-store.