4 ways to use your leftover Halloween candy


Soleil Dam

During Halloween millions of Americans consume copious amounts of candy, leading to wasteful habits.

Every Halloween, more and more candy is being bought each year. In 2022, Americans spent over $3 billion on Halloween candy alone. Increased candy consumption comes with increased food waste. Before you throw your candy in the trash, consider the following ways to use your Halloween leftovers!

Donate to a charitable organization

Many organizations, such as Operation Shoebox and Treats for Troops, accept leftover candy. Both organizations send the donated candy to deployed service members and veterans.

Freeze for later

If you want to eat all of your Halloween candy, but don’t think you can do so before the impending expiration date, consider freezing your candy! Freezing your candy will guarantee that it doesn’t melt and stays safe to consume. You can freeze your leftover candy in an airtight container or bag. 

M&M Cookie Recipe by Soleil Dam

Bake a tasty treat

Plain candy isn’t for everyone. Luckily, Pinterest is full of recipes that make use of your leftover Halloween candy. These recipes include Loaded Cookie Bars, M&M Cookies, and Halloween Brownie Pizzas.

Share with others

Not everyone goes trick or treating on Halloween night. Make sure to share your Halloween leftovers with those who don’t celebrate, didn’t make it out on Oct. 31, or just want some extra candy.