A go-to Chinese restaurant: Gin Mon


Tiziana Senatti

Gin Mon’s chicken fried rice: a stir fried mix of peas, egg, chicken, carrot, and rice.

Tiziana Senatti , Staff Writer

Gin Mon is one of my favorite go-to restaurants in the Belmont area. It’s located in the Carlmont shopping center and is a place where people can enjoy delicious Chinese food.

When the waitress came to the table, I ordered the hot and sour soup, chicken potstickers, Chinese short ribs, and the chicken fried rice.

The first one to come out was the hot and sour soup, which was piping hot and had a robust flavor. Every sip had a delicious kick, and the soup had good amounts of mushrooms, green onions, tofu, and pieces of egg.

The chicken potstickers were really scrumptious. They had good amounts of chicken and green onions and were so good, they didn’t need soy sauce.

As for the Chinese short ribs, my favorite appetizer on the menu, the sweet and sour marinade complemented the bite-sized ribs and made for a tasty starter.

For the entrée, I had instantly decided to order my favorite item on the menu: the chicken fried rice. It’s a combination of chicken, peas, carrots, green onions, rice and scrambled eggs on a family style plate enough for two people to share.

The dish came out steaming and smelling fantastic; I couldn’t wait for the first bite.

After the first few bites, the flavors of the rice left me unable to stop eating.

My top recommendations for people ordering at Gin Mon are definitely the Chinese short ribs and the chicken fried rice.

The overall ambiance of the restaurant is good, but when it comes to service, the waitress is not the greatest. She’s not very attentive to the tables and only comes when called. However, the food more than makes up for the less than ideal service.

I would definitely recommend Gin Mon to anyone looking for a go-to restaurant and delicious Chinese food in the Belmont area.

[star rating=3.5]