A morning run to Stack’s


Stack’s is decorated with cute plants on the walls and between the booths.

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

A perfect Monday morning consists of going to a restaurant with wooden tables and light pistachio green-cushioned booths, listening to calming jazz music at a tasteful volume, and eating delicious breakfast and lunch.

If this sounds intriguing, try having a morning or afternoon meal at Stack’s.

Stack’s is like a fancier, cleaner, and just all around better version of Denny’s or IHOP, to put things in perspective for the newbies that will be going to Stack’s after reading this article and seeing the mouthwatering pictures of delicious breakfast food.

Stack’s is located in Redwood City, California off of El Camino Real at a location that is easy to spot (but not necessarily to park at) on a busy day.

Stack’s is an acceptable restaurant to take your grandparents to for breakfast while still in pajamas, which is what I did this morning.

Stack's has seating outside on the side of the restaurant for when warm, sunny days come along.
Stack’s has seating outside for when warm, sunny days come along.

A fun fact about Stack’s is that it opens every day of the year, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, at 7 a.m.

“We’re open seven days a week, 363 days a year!” says Stack’s online website.

With options ranging from omelettes to a stack of chocolate chip pancakes to a toasted bagel, deciding what to order at Stack’s can sometimes be overwhelming.

This morning, I ordered a banana Nutella crepe topped with whipped cream and nuts. My grandma ordered a spinach and salsa omelet and said that she enjoyed it because it was not a runny entree. The omelet came with a choice of either a bagel or toast with butter.

Stack's Nutella banana crepe is topped with light whipped cream and nuts.
Stack’s Nutella banana crepe comes topped with whipped cream and nuts.

My grandpa ordered French toast which he said “can never be made wrong.”

The spinach and salsa topped omelet was tastefully presented.
The spinach- and salsa- topped omelet was tastefully presented.

The food made at Stack’s is representative of their great service. Our waiter was smiling and positive. He frequently, but not too frequently, came up and made sure we were all enjoying our breakfast.

Stack’s restaurant is decorated in light, complementary colors and has plants such as succulents and nicely curved branches stuck on the walls. The modern feel of the restaurant and calming jazz music makes for a pleasant experience in the early mornings.

One can never go wrong ordering French toast sprinkled with powdered sugar.
You can never go wrong ordering French toast sprinkled with powdered sugar.

One can never go wrong with breakfast food, especially at Stack’s.

5 / 5 chocolate chip pancakes