A new election season begins


Campaign posters can be found all around campus until Feb. 25

Kian Karamdashti, ScotCenter Sports

As students walk down the halls of Carlmont between classes, there is a very good chance they’ll see a campaign sign or two along the way.

“The signs are everywhere,” said sophomore Finigan Tilly. “I literally can’t walk down a hallway without seeing at least three campaign signs. The candidates have really got their names out there this year.”

Coming off the President’s day break, Carlmont students were met with a bombardment of posters, pins, and social media posts upon their return.

Freshman Aj Lopacinski said, “The campaigns here are taken a lot more seriously than at my middle school. There was no where near as much promotion as we have here. You can tell that a lot more people care, probably because were in high school now, so it means more.”

Posters and pins are not the only way the candidates are trying to win over votes, as each candidate made a campaign video to promote their cause.

With three different students vying for the one presidential spot, the candidates of the class of 2015 race looked to gain as much support for their campaign as possible by making a music video.

Junior Daryush Shahid, who is running for class of 2015 president, chose to make a music video from scratch with friend, junior Brandon Magpayo, for his campaign video.

“I thought making a music video would grab the students attention a lot more than having me just talk in front of a camera. We definitely tried to make it funny but we also tried to inform the people watching of our ideas and accomplishments,” said Afshar.

Junior Omid Afshar, with running mate junior Nico Camerino, also went with the music video approach for their campaign, as they made a parody of the Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty”.

“We chose the song because it’s a song almost everybody has heard and we thought it would be funny to use. We also made sure to add some actual substance involving our campaign in the video as well,” said Afshar.

Junior Amanda Breslauer, with junior running mates Adam Cobb and Catherine Schulze, chose to parody “Happy” by Pharrel Willams.

“I’ve heard a lot of good feedback from it and I’ve even heard some kids humming the tune. So overall I’m happy with the decision to go with the music video approach.” said Breslauer.

The Carlmont High School class officer elections took place Feb.25 at lunch.