Advanced Drama puts on its annual One Act Festival


Sophie Lynd

Spencer Stancil, a junior, rehearses for his performance in the scene “Afterwards” outside of the Studio Theatre.

Sophie Lynd, Highlander Editor-in-Chief

It’s Friday afternoon. Students are heading home to relax and enjoy their weekend.

Tessa Bagby, a junior, is not heading home, but getting ready for the drama department’s annual One Act Festival.

According to Bagby, the festival was a collection of one-act plays put on by the Advanced Drama class. Some students performed original plays written by themselves or their classmates, while others perform classic works.

“This is the most original plays I think we’ve ever done in one festival, which is awesome,” said Megan Wadleigh, a senior.

Wadleigh and Bagby co-produced the festival. They both also directed and performed in the shows.

Bagby performed in “Afterwards” and “The Role of Della” and directed “Zoo Story,” while Wadleigh performed in “Check Please!” and “The Fourth Summer,” written by Eli Melmon, a junior. She also directed her original work, “Space.”

“I was working during all three of our rehearsal blocks, and my focus in the class was pretty much entirely on the festival,” Wadleigh said.

Along Bagby and Wadleigh, there were eight other directors. In early January, each began working to prepare for the festival by picking scripts or, in some cases, writing them.

“If a student is interested in directing a piece, they must have it chosen and [turned] into the students who are producing the festival,” said Bagby.

Once the shows were approved, the directors met to cast their shows based on what they’ve seen from actors during class.

“We don’t hold auditions because there isn’t really a need. We’ve had all of first semester to see what the other members of the class can do,” said Wadleigh.

After the directors chose their casts, the actors began rehearsal during class and after school.

I was working during all three of our rehearsal blocks, and my focus in the class was pretty much entirely on the festival

— Megan Wadleigh

“For directing, it was a little difficult to convey what I wanted on stage to happen, but in the end the actors did it,” said Spencer Stancil who acted in “Afterwards” and directed “Post Its.”

Wadleigh enjoyed the opportunity to experience the multiple aspects of production, and Bagby enjoyed watching her fellow students put on the show.

“I love that it’s completely student run. Ms. Martin supervises, but everything from organizing rehearsal to casting, costuming to directing, everything is student run. It’s a really cool opportunity that a lot of high schoolers don’t have,” said Bagby.

The festival was hosted March 23 and 24 in the Studio Theatre.

Wadleigh said, “I’m very proud of what we put together. We have quite a few talented actors and some very talented directors in the class this year.”