All About That Bass, no treble with it

Cover of the Trainor album Title

Cover of the Trainor album “Title”

Luke Larson, Staff Writer

This song simply exploded over the summer. While nowhere near the popularity of Levels by Avicii or Fancy by Iggy Azalea, I found this song to have better content, leading to a more enjoyable listening experience.

The song was written by Meghan Trainor, and it was released in late June of this year. This song is the head single from Trainors first album, “Title,” and it was released along with the B-side, “Dear Future Husband.”

It has since gathered over 107 million views on YouTube, as well as being the most Shazamed song in the U.S. at this moment. The song opens with Trainor singing its title along with an infectious bass thumping in the background.

The song then transforms into a more classic pop tune, using sound cues and speed similar to what would be in a 1960s pop rock song. The addition of background singers and eventually a full band follows.

The lyrics talk mostly about how women should be proud of their bodies, whether big or small, as stated in the lyrics, “Every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top.” The song also focuses on how many magazines Photoshop their images to be more attractive on the front cover.

The music video features Trainor dressed in a variety of pastel-colored outfits dancing to the beat of the bass line.

As Trainor’s first song released on a broad scope, it was a job well done. Not many artists can match that kind of success with their first single.

The main criticism of this song is that it can be very repetitive after a while. Aside from that, it is a very good song for easy listening with friends at a party.

The final rating is a four out of five stars. While having a great message, good beats, and amazing vocals, after one too many listenings, it can drive a person insane, so listen responsibly.