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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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‘American Horror Story: Cult’ plays on Trump fears

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Evan Peters as Kai Anderson for Season 7 of the “American Horror Story” series, “American Horror Story: Cult.”

The 2016 election results shocked the world and elicited multiple different kinds of reactions from people. Also in 2016, clown attacks started to arise in South Carolina.

“American Horror Story: Cult,” the seventh installment of the “American Horror Story” series, plays on just those topics.

In a hectic way, “Cult” makes Trump’s win an out-of-control mess as an inside joke for viewers of the series while also sparking fear for the future of the United States.

It all begins in 2016 in Michigan with Sarah Paulson’s character, Allyson “Ally” Mayfair-Richards, crying about the results of the election to her wife, Alison Pill’s character, Ivy Mayfair-Richards. This all happens while Evan Peter’s character, Kai Anderson, howls in excitement, claiming that the results are the “start of a revolution.” As Ally gets weaker, Kai gets stronger.

Both of these characters are dramatic representations of the conflicting halves of America, relating to all viewers of the series whether they like it or not.

However, Trump isn’t the only scary element of the show. The show adds Ally’s tiresome but common phobias of bees, killer clowns, and small holes (the fear of holes is known as trypophobia) into the equation, making this one of the scariest seasons “American Horror Story” has had yet.

Just three episodes in from the start of the season, we have already been presented with shady characters, such as a scary nanny, weird neighbors, and an odd therapist, leaving most viewers in the dark about what is to come in the series and if this season can even relate to past series.

“American Horror Story” is popular for its twists and turns in every episode — “Hotel” with its glamorous vampires and real-life serial killers and “Coven” with its zombies. Already, viewers are forming theories about “Cult.”

Kai Anderson seems to be creating a group, or “cult,” to start a revolution by having members come to terms with their fears. He also faked a video of a group of Mexican men beating him up when in reality he attacked them first. Therefore, it would not be a shock if he was the cause of the clown attacks and gas that killed animals in the neighborhood.

Additionally, Ally is being attacked for being an assumed “racist” after she shoots a Mexican man by mistake. As the episodes go on, it seems as if everybody around her is plotting against her as she cries for help. Ally has had a dilemma in the past, causing people to want to see her fall.

Overall, “Cult” has pushed the boundaries in every way possible by bringing real-life situations into the light, portraying a true horror story.

Don’t hesitate to tune in every Tuesday for a new episode. New developments in the story seem promising, judging by the mania that has already occurred in the first three episodes.

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Katrina Wiebenson
Katrina Wiebenson, Staff Writer
Katrina Wiebenson is a junior at Carlmont. She is on the Carlmont water polo and swim team. On her free time, she enjoys drawing and going to the beach with friends.  

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
‘American Horror Story: Cult’ plays on Trump fears