Andy Ramroth is a nerdy, sporty, lovey math teacher


Ivy Nguyen

“I get paid to talk about math, and the students have to sit there and listen. It’s awesome,” said Andy Ramroth.

Ivy Nguyen, Staff Writer

If there’s someone who has all they want, that person might be Andy Ramroth, a geometry and AP Calculus BC teacher. He loves what he does, he helps others, and is happy with his life.

Ramroth said, “I love being a teacher. It is the best job in the world, except for food testers and the people who draw the Google design each day. I get satisfaction in knowing that I am helping people in all sorts of aspects of their lives, from their math skills, to student skills, to life skills. Also, I get a lot of free office supplies. Don’t tell Mr. Tsuchiyama.”

For some, math is something that brings nausea. For Ramroth: “Math has been a passion of mine from an early age. I enjoy being challenged and I love sticking with a problem until I figure out the solution. I love how math can describe things about the world that would never have been figured out without math. I also happily take on the challenge of trying to inspire my students to enjoy math.”

Ramroth’s students have also noticed this passion. “[Ramroth] is so energetic and his style of teaching makes calculus fun and easy. I love going into that class, because I know I’ll walk out smiling and laughing. He balances the classroom very well, and is able to get 100% of the students’ attention,” said junior Seena Sebt.

Other than his passion, Ramroth uses unconventional methods of explaining concepts. Senior James Xie said, “I had him junior year. I liked the way he pushed his students and used unique styles of teaching. The eggplant lesson, which taught us about integrals, was seriously creative.”

Outside of school, Ramroth is the same happy and passionate person. “I like to play sports: mostly golf, softball and soccer. I like to exercise and run. I enjoy gardening and fixing up things around the house. I like to go on trips with my wife and my dog Chloe. But my big passion outside of school is woodworking,” said Ramroth.

Ramroth is not only married to his high school sweetheart, but is also working alongside her. He said, “I would strongly recommend marrying Mrs. Ramroth. She’s pretty cool. If you ever have the chance to marry her, you should. She changed my life. It’s not typical to marry the person you date in high school, but I was very lucky to have found Mrs. Ramroth and I never got around to finding a reason to not be with her, so now we’re married. #NoRegrets.”

This kind of life isn’t the most conventional or normal, but Ramroth is happy being a nerdy, sporty, lovey math teacher.

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